EcoBreak is an informal seminar designed for exchange of ideas between students and faculty in ecology, through the presentation of research, discussion, and good company.

EcoBreaks will be held every Tuesday at 11:30am in 332 Life Science. All are are welcome.

If you want to sign up to present or bring refreshments, contact  Dr. Kevin McCluney.

Presenters, please remember to:

  • Introduce yourself--include status in graduate program or affiliation
  • Describe the purpose of the talk; i.e., is it practice for a conference, or a discussion of ideas?
  • Put your work in a larger ecological context


Date Presenter Title
1/13/2015 Rob Baroudi Litter Decomposition Across a Burn Chronosequence
1/27/2015 Emma Spence & Christopher Amutabi

1) Impacts of climate and energy development on Wyoming sage-grouse: landscape management for a landscape species

2) Assessing the impacts that Fuel-Wood Extration has on the Biodiversity of Kakamega Rain Forest, Kenya

2/3/2015 Molly West Are there Growth or Survivorship Effects on Juvenile O. rusticus Fed Stacked GM Corn Detritus
2/10/2015 Rachel Kappler TBA
2/17/2015 Jacob Sublett TBA
2/24/2015 Tim Luddington TBA
3/3/2015 Jamie Becker & Melanie Marshall TBA
3/10/2015 Spring Break Spring Break
3/17/2015 Amanda Martin TBA
3/24/2015 Tyrone Hayes TBA
3/31/2015 Taylor Tuttle TBA
4/7/2015 Sara Zaleski Avian Use of Roadside Ditches
4/14/2015 Dave Edwards TBA
4/21/2015 Paige Arnold TBA
4/28/2015 Katie Collier TBA  



Ecobreak seminars are still being added. Dr. McCluney will continue to update his lab website as new guests/topics are added.