EcoBreak is an informal seminar designed for exchange of ideas between students and faculty in ecology, through the presentation of research, discussion, and good company.

EcoBreaks will be held every Tuesday at 11:30am in 332 Life Science. All are are welcome.

If you want to sign up to present or bring refreshments, contact Dr. Shannon Pelini.

Presenters, please remember to:

  • Introduce yourself--include status in graduate program or affiliation
  • Describe the purpose of the talk; i.e., is it practice for a conference, or a discussion of ideas?
  • Put your work in a larger ecological context


Date Presenter Title
1/21/2014 Shannon & Paul Graduate School Survival Skills
1/28/2014 Snow Day EcoBreak Cancelled
2/4/2014 Sara Lahman Putting 2 years of pieces together into a 50 minute puzzle
2/11/2014 Alyssa Dietz/ Andy Gregory Lake Erie Flowering Rush/ Insights from landscape genetics on the impacts of wind energy development on prairie-grouse
2/18/2014 Jacob Miller Effect of submerged macrophytes on juvenile yellow perch growth rate
2/25/2014 Sara Zaleski Avian Use of Roadside Ditches
3/4/2014 Ecology Faculty Meeting  
3/11/2014 Spring Break  
3/18/2014 Jennifer Shimola Experience teaches plants to learn faster and forget slower in environments where it matters
3/25/2014 Jamie Russell Effects of the Invasive Round Goby on Predation Risk of Young-of-the-year Smallmouth Bass
4/1/2014 Ana Jurcak Thesis Defense: Decision making in changing sensory landscapes
4/8/2014 Kevin Handel/ Kevin McCluney Testing local adaptation in the federally endangered Karner blue butterfly/Tracing riparian water webs using stable isotopes
4/15/2014 Amanda Martin Invasive Species: Drivers or Passengers of Ecosystem Change?
4/22/2014 cancelled  
4/29/2014 Amanda Curtis /
Tyler Thompson
Non-target impacts of chemical management on Lithobates pipiens tadpoles in ambient and increased temperatures /
Oviposition preferences of diamondback moths (Plutella xylostella)