Research Facilities

The Department of Biological Sciences at BGSU has a number of research facilities available to faculty and graduate students working in Ecology and Conservation Biology. A field station for outdoor experiments, an animal facility for laboratory experimentation, greenhouses, and equipment for molecular techniques of common use provide modern tools for a wide range of applications in multiple research areas. The Marine Lab, Herpetology Lab, Algal Image Repository, and Herbarium enhance teaching activities and provide excellent documentation sources of both the regional and global flora and fauna.

In addition to the departmental facilities, PEEC has active collaborations with other departments and institutions, with access to both their research and teaching facilities, including excellent GIS/Remote Sensing labs in the Department of Geology at BGSU, and the Lake Erie Center at the University of Toledo. A number of faculty from PEEC are also involved in summer programs at the Michigan Biological Station at the University of Michigan.

Browse the following links for specific information on our research facilities:

Algal Image Repository

Field Station

Greenhouse Facilities


Herpetology Lab

Marine Lab