Student Testimonials

Bessie Smith, Musical Theater Major

“I decided to join the Arts Village because of its proximity to the Wolfe Center and the College for Musical Arts, and also for its reputation of housing a diverse group of creative minds. The Arts Village is not a type of club that you visit when you feel like it; it's a commitment, and one that can be very rewarding.”

Em Pratt, Music Performance Major

“The Arts Village is the perfect home for students who are willing to step out of their comfort zone and learn about themselves. Living in the AV has really helped me understand others through the constant free expression I'm exposed to. Being around other artists really provides inspiration as well as a feeling of security. I've never felt pressured to conform to normalcy in the AV, and it's really allowed me to grow and find myself. What I value most from my years here are the trips we've gone on and the connections I've made throughout the campus music, art, and theatre communities.”

Evan Crawford, Theater/Film Major

“Through the Arts Village I have had the opportunity to take part in a multitude of events from parties and movie nights to festivals and field trips. In my opinion, I believe that exposure is the most powerful aspect of this learning community. I recently took a trip to the South Bronx in New York where many other students and I were exposed to different cultures, stories, and new ways of thinking that are truly inspirational and thought provoking.”

Marisa Paat, Digital Arts Major

“I definitely recommend the Arts Village to prospective students because it is a great opportunity to immediately make new friends, it puts you in contact with upperclassmen of the same major who are eager to help answer questions about classes or professors, and has a great artistic atmosphere that constantly inspires its members to create. The greatest benefit of being an AV'er is that I feel like I belong.”

Jamie Stewart, Film Studies Major

“You learn more about the world and your place in it when you live in the Arts Village. When your imagination and soul grow, when your perspective develops, so does your art. You gain more than a community in the Arts Village; you gain a family.”

Jonathan Merechant, Performance Studies

“I decided to join the Arts Village because I wanted to be surrounded by the arts in every form, and that’s exactly what I get every time I go to an event. Being in the AV has allowed me to meet people who think and do the same things that I do and think about. Also it has …  broadened my horizons to some kinds art that I didn't even knew existed. Being in the Arts Village is a wonderful experience and I would recommend it to anyone who loves the arts. The greatest benefit in my opinion is the amazing people you'll meet and the opportunities that are handed to you.”