Student Testimonials




Danielle Stager - Tourism, Leisure, and Event Planning

"The Arts Village means having connections that will last a lifetime."






Janel Roach - Film Production

"The Arts Village to me means creativity, friendship, and success. If you join I guarantee that you will have all these things. It is a very uplifting community that allows you to be you."



Skylie Wakefield, Graphic Design- "To me, Arts Village is one big happy art family."

Olivia Favour, Psychology - "The best part about the AV is the space that we get to use and how you know just about everyone who lives in Kreischer Compton."

Hannah Swearingen, Art History (Art Conservation) - "The Arts Village means a safe and fun space for expression and learning. It's an environment that provides opportunities to try new things, ranging from Rocky Horror to screen printing. The AV has given me chances to fall in love with new art forms and further myself in the field I've chosen in a well-rounded way."

Bradley Blankenship, Digital Art - "The Arts Village means that I always have a place where I can receive help and ideas with my projects and also have a good time with friends."