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    Gordon Ricketts'

        Statement on the Art's Village:

I like to think of the Arts Village as an intersection of the arts and people. In the Arts Village, we work on providing an atmosphere that promotes learning through participation and personal experience. We offer a wide variety of arts-related and general education courses that are coordinated by the individual academic departments, plus a broad range of extracurricular activities that promote critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and community. In the Arts village you will find a mentoring program helping to aid with the transition into college and create ties within the artistic community. In the Arts Village, there is a commitment to seeing our students succeed both personally and academically. College is a time for curiosity, ideas, and exploration; the Arts Village is dedicated to that endeavor.








Ben Lima

Gordon Ricketts, M.F.A— Director / Arts Village, 2005 to present

Born in San Diego, California, Gordon grew up surfing on the beaches of Southern California and Mexico. In 1966 he entered the armed services, where he served in the Marine Corps. He has worked as a car salesman, beer truck driver, bartender, carpenter, general building contractor, artist and teacher. The Special Olympics, National Ski Patrol and working with marginalize peoples are and have and have been his volunteering interests. In 1991 returned to school and received his Bachelor of fine Arts degree in painting at San Francisco Art Institute. He then came to Ohio’s Bowling Green State University where he earned his Master of Fine Arts degree in painting and drawing. He is a working artist and maintains an in house studio. He has been teaching at BGSU since 1999 and has directed the Arts Village for four years. He loves to travel; Kathmandu, Timbuktu, and Machu Picchu to name a few. He promotes and leads many student trips realizing the great benefits students gain on these unusual trips and explorations.


Martha Nyce is a 2nd year Masters Student in the College Student Personnel program at Bowling Green State University.  She received her Bachelors degree in International studies with an emphasis in comparative cultural studies and also received 3 minors in French, Italian and Speech Communications.  Outside of the Arts Village, she enjoys traveling with her husband, sharing with family and friends, and her two cats.  She is happy to work in such a creative and supportive environment and with students who are truly passionate about the Arts. 


Ben is a first year Masters student in Music Composition. He is from the Chicago-area and graduated from Judson University with a BA in Music Composition. In addition to traditional contexts for music, one of his interests is combining music with other art disciplines and collaborating across mediums to explore expressions and ideas. If he had to pick, his favorite artists might be Terrence Malick, Anselm Kiefer, Son Lux (stage name of Ryan Lott), Talking Heads, and too many composers from which to choose (although Berg, Pärt, Messiaen, and Penderecki would have to be near the top).