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"The Arts Village learning community values, encourages, and supports personal self discovery, student empowerment, creativity, collaboration, community, and critical thinking. Participation in the Arts Village creates opportunities for students to explore myriad opportunities within the professional artistic community - the College of Music, the School of Art, the Department of Theatre and Film, and the creative writing and dance programs - to network with peers, faculty, and staff, and to create lasting relationships with artists from multiple disciplines. Through involvement with the Arts Village, one has the opportunity to collaboratively live in, work in, and contribute to an arts community. The Arts Village fosters creative risk taking within a supportive environment, promotes academic rigor and a commitment to high standards, and facilitates with experiential, transformative learning. Engagement with the Arts Village provides exposure to cross-discipline art practice, encourages development of multicultural world-views, and allows for creative, generative social interaction that spurs students towards greater active involvement and responsible, global citizenship."


  • Community: Through living in a supervised community with other young artists, students will network among each other and will experience personal attention from professional artists who are serving as faculty, staff, and guest presenters.
  • Critical Thinking: Through critical thinking, students will expand their existing paradigms about: the world and their membership in that community, culture and how it reflects and informs that community, and the rights and responsibilities of creating art within that community.
  • Collaboration: Through participation in collaborative creative projects, students will experience new, unprecedented artistic endeavor that crosses boarders of meaning and spans multiple artistic disciplines and media.
  • Creativity: Through expanded opportunities for creativity, students will enjoy greater risk taking within a safe space to experiment, learn and grow in a challenging, but supportive environment.
  • Connectedness:Through participation in extra-curricular and co-curricular programs and activities, students will enjoy opportunities to supplement their learning experiences in BGSU courses offered by the College of Music, the School of Art, the Department of Theatre and Film, and the creative writing and dance program