Establish a Scholarship

How scholarships are awarded:

What criteria to consider

Scholarship criteria that are broad and non-specific are preferable to detailed guidelines that may eliminate students from the application process. Donors who wish to specify criteria for a scholarship award are asked to consider adding the following clause: “Strong preference is to be given to students who meet the following criteria. If, in any given year, no student meets all the criteria, the scholarship will be directed to a worthy student.”

Now is the time to take action

Our highest priority is to open the doors to higher education for more students than ever before. It’s a challenge BGSU faces as state funding continues to decrease and tuition continues to rise. The only way we can meet our commitment to students is through the support of individually-established scholarships. Your participation is so important.

Your Generosity Makes a Difference

As tuition costs rise, scholarships are essential for BGSU to remain competitive in recruiting the best students and those for whom a college education might otherwise be out of reach. 

The University awards more than $18 million annually in scholarship aid. Yet, there is considerable unmet need.

More than 80 percent of BGSU students rely on some type of financial aid to assist them with college expenses. And, more than 70 percent of BGSU students graduate with a significant debt load.

As Bowling Green State University progresses toward achieving its vision of being the premier learning community in Ohio and one of the best in the nation, a major effort is underway to increase the number of scholarships.

Scholarships may be funded on an annual basis with the entire amount of the gift used to provide financial assistance, or they may be endowed. Endowed funds are critical to the future of BGSU. An endowment ensures that scholarships will be awarded in perpetuity.

Establishing a BGSU Scholarship

Criteria to consider when creating a scholarship at BGSU

1. Scholarship Name:

What is the name of this scholarship? The scholarship will be named in accordance with your wishes. Named scholarships often honor the donor, the donor’s family or individuals who have influenced the donor’s life.

2. Purpose of Scholarship:

Does the scholarship recognize scholastic achievement? Athletic talent? Artistic talent?

3. Amount of Scholarship:

What is the amount of the scholarship? If this is an endowed fund, the scholarship will be based on the spending policy of the BGSU Foundation Inc. The base level of an endowed scholarship is $25,000.

4. Number of Recipients:

How many students will receive this scholarship each year? Do you wish to provide one large award or several smaller scholarships? 

5. Financial Need:

Is financial need a consideration in selecting the recipient of this scholarship?

6. Class Standing of Recipient:

Will this scholarship benefit incoming students or continuing students? 

7. Renewability of Scholarship:

Can former recipients apply for the scholarship for the following academic year, or will a student receive the scholarship for a specific number of years, subject to the maintenance of a specified grade-point average.

8. College or Major:

Will the scholarship be restricted to an individual enrolled in a specific college, program or major (ex. major in biology)?

9. Geographical Restrictions:

Must the recipient come from a specific geographical area to be considered for this scholarship?

10. Academic Criteria:

If this scholarship recognizes outstanding academic achievement in high school or college, what grade-point average or class rank criteria apply?

11. Activities:

Is involvement in extracurricular activities or community service to be a consideration in the awarding of the scholarship?

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