Alumni Networks

Are you looking for other Falcons in your area? Do you already know a few and want to help organize activities or stay involved with BGSU? This is the place to be! Our network of alumni across the country help raise funds for scholarships and programs, host personal and professional networking events, get together for Falcon watch parties and more.

  • Contact a specific network leader through the Alumni Association at alumni@bgsu.edu or 888-839-2586

Getting involved with a chapter—or starting one yourself—is a fun, yet invaluable way to volunteer on behalf of BGSU. Not only will you help alumni reconnect, but you'll also be expanding the influence and value of a BGSU diploma. The Alumni Association makes it easy to get started by helping establish a presence on sites like Facebook and LinkedIn, providing guidance on how to raise funds for scholarship students in your area and supporting you with current news from campus and other trends.

Ready to make a difference? For more information on starting a chapter, contact us or call 888-839-2586.