Cost Summary


At Bowling Green State University, we keep the cost of higher education within reach. Low fees, financial aid, student employment opportunities and payment plans combine to make the ultimate educational experience an affordable one.

2014-2015 Annual Fee Structure

Ohio Residents

Tuition & Fees $10,606
Room* $5,160
Bronze Meal Plan** $3,084
Total $18,850

Non-Ohio Residents

Tuition & Fees $10,606
Nonresident Fee*** $7,308
Room* $5,160
Bronze Meal Plan** $3,084
Total $26,158

Estimate of Other Annual Expenses

Book and Academic Supplies $1,050
Personal Expenses (entertainment, transportation, etc.) $4,238

*Standard occupancy rooms in the residence halls where most freshmen live.
**Other plans are priced at annual rates of $3,670 and $3,984.
***BG Success Scholarships for non-Ohio residents covers 50% of nonresident fee. (A current value of $3,654)
Non-residents who graduated from an Ohio high school are eligible for in-state tuition under the Forever Buckeyes Program.
For more information, email registrar@bgsu.edu or see the Registration & Records website.

Fees are subject to change at any time with Board of Trustees’ approval.
Laboratory fees not included.