Post-Secondary Enrollment Options


The Post Secondary Enrollment Options Program (PSEOP) provides qualified high school students (9th - 12th grades) the opportunity to strengthen and enrich their educational experience through enrollment in college courses. Students who participate in PSEOP receive college credit that may also fulfill high school graduation requirements, if approved by the student’s home school district.

The Post Secondary Enrollment Options Program is intended to complement rather than replace the high school college preparatory curriculum. To ensure maximum benefit to a student, a close working relationship is necessary among the student’s local school district, parents or guardians, and BGSU. It is the responsibility of all involved parties to maintain clear and continuous communication to guarantee that a student receives the greatest possible benefit from participation in the Post Secondary Enrollment Options Program.

Enrollment Options

Students may enroll in this program for fall and/or spring semesters under one of the following options:

Plan A

Students receive college credit only. The parent and/or student are responsible for the costs of tuition, fees, textbooks, and materials.

Plan B

Students receive both high school and college credit. The costs of tuition, fees and textbooks will be paid by the state under an established formula. (PLEASE NOTE: If a student under Plan B withdraws from class(es), the parent/student is responsible for payment.)

Eligibility Requirements

At the time of application a 3.5 minimum cumulative grade point average is required for applicants in the 8th and 9th grades. A 3.25 cumulative grade point average is required for applicants in the 10th, 11th, and 12th grades. The GPA is calculated on a 4.0 scale and presented on the official high school transcript. Report cards will not be accepted.


Freshmen and sophomores are permitted to take ONE CLASS per semester.

PSEOP students may enroll in classes providing they have the prerequisite knowledge and skill, and space is available. Many PSEOP students enroll in courses in English Composition, Mathematics, Foreign Languages, Natural Sciences, and other liberal arts classes such as History and Philosophy.

The following courses are not available to PSEOP students: Developmental Courses (English 110 and Math 095x), Aviation Studies, Architec & Environment Design, Horsemanship, Scuba Diving, Independent Study and other classes with substantial liability or lab fees.

The availability of art and music classes is very limited. Students interested in music classes, private lessons or ensembles should contact Kathy Moss, the Coordinator of Music Admission at 419-372-8577 prior to the Orientation Program. Students are required to pass an audition to be eligible for private lessons. The availability of private music lessons is at the discretion of the College of Musical Arts (CMA).


General and instruction fees, textbooks and related supplies such as laboratory materials are provided by the State of Ohio to students participating in Option B. All materials issued through Option B are the property of BGSU and must be returned to the University Bookstore at the end of each semester. Students are responsible for the cost of all materials that are not returned; thus, the Office of the Bursar will bill parents. Pens, paper, notebooks, calculators, cameras, and other personal items are not included in Option B and must be purchased by the students.

PSEOP Application Procedures

The following application materials are needed for admission into the PSEOP program at BGSU:

  • Online Application
  • Most recent Official Transcript from the student’s high school which includes the cumulative grade point average.
  • Official transcript(s) from any other college or university the student attended.
  • Nonrefundable application fee of $45 payable at the time of application on line.

Application Deadline

All required application materials must be on file by the deadline.

  • April 15 for enrollment in Fall Semester
  • November 15 for enrollment in Spring Semester

Submit Official Credentials to

Office of Admissions
110 McFall Center
Bowling Green State University
Bowling Green, OH 43403-0085

Toll-free: 1-866-246-6732
Phone: 419-372-2478
Fax: 419-372-6955
Email: choosebgsu@bgsu.edu

Program Continuation

PSEOP students must maintain a minimum BGSU cumulative grade point average of 2.0 AND pass all BGSU classes with a grade of “C” or better in order to continue in the program.

Benefits of PSEOP

High school students who qualify for PSEOP have the opportunity to challenge themselves with college courses while still enrolled in high school. Students have the opportunity to interact with faculty in a collegiate environment, which may assist them in making a successful transition to undergraduate studies upon completion of high school.

Special Notes

  • Students will be notified in writing of their acceptance into the Post-Secondary Enrollment Options Program. The acceptance letter will explain the orientation program that all new students must attend before they can register for classes.
  • Students should be aware that college classes are more demanding than high school classes in terms of pace and content. Participants in PSEOP attend the same courses as undergraduate students.
  • Students enrolled in PSEOP are guest students to the University and are subject to the same administrative policies and grading practices and standards as all other BGSU students. Grades will be maintained on a permanent transcript.
  • Availability of courses cannot be guaranteed. Courses will be offered contingent upon availability of staff, sufficiently high section enrollment and similar considerations.
  • Students who plan to enroll in English or Math courses are required to complete a placement exam. Students who place into ENG 110 or MATH 095x will not be eligible to take English or Math at BGSU.
  • Bowling Green State University will not be responsible for PSEOP participants between academic terms or when classes are not scheduled or are canceled.
  • Fees covered under PSEOP Option B include instructional and general fees, registration fees, textbooks and required laboratory materials. Vehicle registration fees (parking permits) are not included.
  • Participation in the Post Secondary Enrollment Options Program does not constitute undergraduate admission to Bowling Green State University. Students who plan to attend the University upon completion of high school must apply for formal admission during their senior year.
  • If you have any questions regarding the Post-Secondary Enrollment Options Program, please contact the Office of Advising and Academic Success at 419-372-9876.