Representatives & Executive Committee

Meet the Representatives

Administrative staff members at BGSU are responsible for promoting a healthy climate for learning and professional growth, and for asserting the leadership and support essential to enhance the University’s programs and services. All administrative staff members should share a sense of working towards a common goal—that of maintaining the high standards of the University and its vision to be the premier learning community in Ohio and one of the best in the nation. To this end, ASC has established a committee structure, which provides administrative staff members with the means for addressing their needs and for promoting their efforts.

ASC members serve as elected representatives for the following Areas: (please click on respective to meet your representatives)

Finance & Administration  Firelands  Intercollegiate Athletics   

Office of the President        Provost    Student Affairs   

University Advancement


The ASC Executive Committee acts for the Administrative Staff Council between meetings and serves as or designates a liaison between the ASC and other governance groups, individuals, and agencies. Nominations are handled annually by the Election and Orientation Committee who prepares a list by functional area of those ASC members eligible for election to the Executive Committee.

2014-2015 Executive Committee Members

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Emily Monago

Position: Chair
Phone: 419-372-2642
Email: emonago@bgsu.edu

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Jeremy Joseph

Position: Chair-Elect
Phone: 419-372-9129
Email: jjoseph@bgsu.edu

No photo available

Mike Hachtel

Position: Past Chair
Phone: 419-372-
Email: hachtel@bgsu.edu

No photo available

Mary Ellen Kellow

Position: Secretary
Phone: 419-372-7648
Email: mkellow@bgsu.edu

No photo available

Heidi Popovitch

Position: Treasurer
Phone: 419-372-7890
Email: heidip@bgsu.edu

No photo available

Ray Plaza

Position: Communications
Phone: 419-372-2642
Email: rplaza@bgsu.edu

No photo available

Andrea Brock

Position: Division Rep
Phone: 419-372-5250
Email: brocka@bgsu.edu

No photo available

Laura Emch

Position: Division Rep
Phone: 419-372-2651
Email: lemch@bgsu.edu

No photo available

Kimberly J. Fleshman

Position: Division Rep
Phone: 419-372-9459
Email: kflesh@bgsu.edu

No photo available

David Janik

Position: Division Rep
Phone: 419-372-0889
Email: djanik@bgsu.edu

No photo available

Abby Priehs

Position: Division Rep
Phone: 419-372-4559
Email: apriehs@bgsu.edu

No photo available

Thomas C. Siebenaler

Position: Division Rep
Phone: 419-372-9964
Email: thomacs@bgsu.edu

No photo available

Mary Beth Zachary

Position: Division Rep
Phone: 419-372-2054
Email: mzachar@bgsu.edu