Academic performance is one of the best indicators of student success. Bowling Green State University hosts the successNET system, powered by Starfish Retention Solutions. This software system is provided to undergraduate students, faculty and staff of the BGSU community as the successor to the former Early Alert system.

It works within MyBGSU to generate indicator notifications and kudos for students based on:

  • Academic performance
  • Preparedness for class
  • Attendance
  • Classroom behavior
  • Quiz and test scores

Other features include:

  • Notices include both "point-in-time" reporting, as well as on-demand system availability throughout the semester
  • Immediate communication to students, faculty members and staff
  • Progress tracking and follow-up by faculty and advisors
  • A student “Success Network”

Student Appointment Scheduling Instructions

Why should I use successNET?

successNET, powered by Starfish, provides a simple method to refer students for academic assistance early enough in the semester to make a difference. While nothing substitutes for direct discussion with students, faculty may decide after assessment of their academic performance, attendance, or class preparedness that additional assistance is needed. That’s when successNET is used to alert students as well as campus experts who will assist in addressing issues.

Important note about protecting the privacy of student records

successNET users are responsible for knowing and adhering to University policy and state and federal law regarding protecting the privacy of student records.

More information

Online Appointment Scheduling Configuration Directions for Faculty and Advisors: Four Key Elements for Connecting with Students.

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